Basic Education Circulars

Education for Homeless Youth Basic Education Circular (BEC)

Click here to view the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness BEC 42 U.S.C.A. 11431 et seq., issued February 3, 2010, reviewed October 1, 2016.

For more information about PDE's Pennsylvania Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness Program, please contact Storm Camara, State Coordinator at (717) 772-2066.


Pennsylvania BECs related to Homeless Children

BEC 24 P.S.§5-503 (formerly BEC 29-87) Acceptable Evidence of Pupil Age for School Admisssion

  • Birth certificate is NOT the only acceptable proof of age.
  • Birth certificate is not mandated by law as a requirement for school admission.
  • Other options include baptismal certificate, transcript of record of baptism, notarized parent statement or transcript of birth

BEC 24 P.S.§13-1303a (formerly BEC 28-87) School Immunization Regulations

  • Schools can admit students with at least one each of six prescribed antigens.
  • Students have up to eight months to complete remaining doses.

BEC 24 P.S.§13-1302 (formerly BEC 4-90) District Obligations to Children Residing with an Adult Other Than Natural Parents

  • District must support the child gratis.
  • Child is entitled to all free school privileges.
  • District may require affadavit from adult (optional).
  • Affadavit is the only permissible school district requirement. 

BEC 22 PA Code §12.31 (formerly BEC 7-90) Access to Student Records and Enrollment Information

  • Domestic violence issues are discussed.
  • Request for student record information can be delayed up to 45 days.
  • PDE urges use of Written Request For Access.
  • Never give student enrollment/record information over the phone.