What You Can Do to Help Homeless Students

Administrators Can Help Homeless Students
Know the rights of homeless children and youth and help the school board and local community to become more sensitive to the condition of homelessness.

Principals Can Help Homeless Students
Establish a true WELCOME to the school. Introduce the family and child to teachers, counselors and other staff, and give a tour of the school. Set the tone for further parent involvement in the school. Train all staff to be aware of the federal law and state policies.

Secretaries Can Help Homeless Students
When the parents are in the school for enrollment purposes, don’t bring any special attention to their homeless condition. Assist parents in filling out forms. Be sensitive that some may lack skills to do them.

Teachers Can Help Homeless Students
Discuss privately with the student what accommodations exist for doing homework and make necessary arrangements or adjustments. Tutoring can also provide an opportunity for supportive counseling. Provide or arrange for needed school supplies without bringing the needs to the attention of the class.

Counselors Can Help Homeless Students
Know the local community resources so you are in a position to make referrals for the family in areas like housing, food, clothing and counseling.

Schools Nurses Can Help Homeless Students
Contact the previous school to obtain immunization records and health records. Get verification by phone to expedite matters. Share information with staff members.

Social Workers/Home & School Visitors Can Help Homeless Students
Make standard forms and information available about key school programs at each shelter. This includes materials on the school calendar, lunch and breakfast programs, and admission/withdrawal.

Transportation Staff Can Help Homeless Students
Arrange for children to be able to attend the school of origin if in the student’s best interest. Setup bus stops to pick up kids at the shelter first and drop them off last, to ease the embarrassment of living at the shelter.

Shelter Personnel Can Help Homeless Students
Be aware of school happenings and help parents and children to be able to participate in school functions.